"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
— Albert Einstein

About Traci

With over twenty years of medical experience, Dr Wagner brings her enthusiasm for living a healthy and vibrant life to wellness coaching. As a board-certified pediatrician, her emphasis has been on working with parents promoting healthy diet, exercise and family dynamics, while empowering families to make choices promoting wellness.

Most fulfilled when helping others, her passion and drive to serve led her to a career in medicine. During her pediatric training, she started her own family. Now the mother of three amazing teenagers, Traci believes that the challenge of raising healthy children has been an invaluable education.

With increased rates of obesity, diabetes and early heart disease in children, she began to question the effectiveness of the classic “prescribe and treat” or “educate and implore” medical model. She lamented not being able to spend more time with parents to work with them to overcome the many obstacles preventing them from reaching their own, as well as their family's, wellness goals.

To better aid these families she found herself focusing her studies on topics around wellness and lifestyle change. It was a natural progression and fit for Dr. Wagner to transition to wellness coaching and it’s team approach. To be an advocate for the clients’ health and well being and an ally to inspire and support their growth and development, has long been her vision.

Happiest when moving out in nature or creating colorful meals, Traci is herself always striving for wellness and balance. It is her joy to share this with her clients. Nothing brings her more gratification than encouraging others on their path to vitality.


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